The Right Leadership

for Our Community!

Restoring public trust

In recent years, leaders at City Hall have slowed in listening to Camas citizens. Communications have been shut down almost completely. Important information is being withheld and the public is left in the dark. Citizens deserve to be heard. As your Mayor, I’ll restore the public trust in our City’s leadership team. I’ll lead the charge for direct communications and open dialogue with Camas residents. It’s time for City Council meetings to be reopened to the public. I’ll bring back town hall style meetings and give citizens a voice in City government!

Prioritize spending to save taxpayer dollars

Other candidates running for mayor have a history of raising your property taxes. And, they’ve done it over and over again. Enough is enough. City Hall needs to live within its means, just like we do in our own households and businesses. As your Mayor, I’ll hold the line on spending, so Camas residents get to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Bring new living wage jobs to Camas

As Mayor, I’ll lead the charge for a renewed focus on economic development. We’ll reduce the tax burden on our residents and provide more jobs right here in our community. It’s time for City Hall to open for business. Camas must foster a better business climate to attract more living wage jobs to our community. When people are allowed to work where they live, we reduce traffic and wear and tear on our highways; we enjoy cleaner air and our citizens get to spend more time with their family instead of sitting in traffic in a painful commute. With streamlined permitting, we can remove some of the burdensome regulations for our job creators. Together, we can get Camas working again!

Taking care of our parks and preserving open space

Camas is known for its quality parks and open spaces. But some of our older parks are showing signs of wear and tear. We must do all we can to stretch taxpayer dollars to preserve our treasured City parks. As Mayor, I’ll create more public partnerships with community groups to properly maintain all of our parks for families to enjoy. Recently, City leaders ignored the citizens and rushed to remove private land from the tax rolls, purchasing expensive properties and saddling our City with more long-term bond debt. This creates an even greater tax burden on our struggling residents. As your Mayor, I’ll bring more accountability to City Hall!

Taking action to clean up Lacamas Lake

Lacamas Lake has been a recreational treasure for Camas residents for generations. It’s a haven for boaters, fishermen and women, paddle boarders and kayakers. In recent years, overburdened stormwater systems have put the health of Lacamas Lake in peril. Other candidates running for Mayor have had years to clean up the lake and instead, all we’ve heard about are excuses and delays. Now the State Department of Ecology is involved and the Department of Health has restricted access on numerous days because of excessive pollution. Our citizens deserve responsible action that delivers real solutions. As Mayor, I’ll take decisive action to clean up Lacamas Lake once and for all!

Funding public safety to keep our community safe

As Mayor, one of my top budget priorities is to support our Law Enforcement agency and emergency services. We must work together with other City and County partners to identify and prosecute criminals operating in our neighborhoods. By properly funding these agencies, we can reduce crime and increase public safety. As Mayor, I’ll put the safety of our citizens first to ensure Camas remains a safe community where people want to live, work and raise a family.